Open your Eyes – World is full of opportunities


Do you feel bored of your Work?

Did you think you are tired of doing monotonous work?

Have you failed of doing something?

What you are seeing in these questions, some unique word is repeating, right?

Yes, you are right that is YOU only who became bored, tired and even failed.

but have you ever felt of boring by seeing the nature or tired of enjoying the beauty of world  .


World has lots to offer which we are calling as specialities or features even charactestics. Your lifetime is not sufficient to know about world and its features. So take this world as your role model, increase your specialities, called Capabilities.

Always  try to take risks while learning new things. Risks give you anxiety which won’t make you bored of learning. I know many people learn things but they won’t exhibit . Imagine how you will feel if the world hides all of its specialities like mountain, sea, waterfalls, lakes, greenery. It looks empty likewise if you are not showing your capabilities; no one will go inside of you and bring it out. As a result everyone will think you as a normal person. So to make yourself extraordinary, there are two things you should remember when you want your life as you like.

1) Make sure to learn new things every day and let everyone know that you know it

2) Try to take risks, do not fear of result.

But do these things with sense. If you learn new things and if you want to show it to the world then open up when it is really needed. Be Assertive to handle, to know the difference when to apply your knowledge that you gain. Do not use it unnecessarily where it is not required.

Taking risks does not means going in front of a bus .Be wise enough to take decisions and where to take risks. Your risks shouldn’t harm others as well as you .

All the Best.

Thanks for reading. Its First attempt so please give your valuable feedback to improve my blogging capabilities.

   – Phani


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  1. silverlining says:

    SO TRUE-thank you for this 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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