ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library)


What is ITIL ?

ITIL is a public frame-work that describes best practices in Service Management .

So before going to ITIL ,lets discuss about Service Management .

Let’s take a simple example ..When you go for a coffee shop and order a coffee the shop guy will provide you the coffee . Here the coffee shop is providing a SERVICE to you and in return you have been paid off. So in simple terms the process followed by the coffee shop owner in order to deliver a good coffee to you is called Service Management .

Here Coffee shop is called “Service Provider ” and you will call as “Customer ” .

This is the simple case ,but when it comes IT technology you have to see the picture in broader way.

Every Organization always try to adopt proven practices so as to succeed in the business and to achieve the set of goals.

What is practice ?

A Practice is standard procedure includes processes ,Guidelines,activities and standards.

Good practices can be solid backing for organizations that want to improve IT service.

Office of Government Commerce (OGC) defined the standard processes.

Where we look for standard processes :

There are many IT companies like Microsoft and HP who have established good policies and processes in their organization.

Copy from standard companies like HP,MS or follow OGC

Some of the best practice guidelines available to us are

* Prince2Management Methodology

* PMI’s work


* ISO 9000

ITIL V3 is one of the standard practices that rest of the world is following.

History of ITIL :

In 1980’s UK Government &Central computer Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) .conceived the ITIL . In 1990’s many large companies and government agencies throughout Europe had also adopted ITIL.

To reflect the popularity and changes in IT ,UK’s office of commerce (OGC) published version2 in  the year 2002. Version2 guidance become the world leading service management reference source with the global community uses sharing the principles and concepts embedded in Frame work.

ITILV3 project began in 2004 and involved extension global consultations with thousand of global IT service management practitioners from public and private sectors including vendors,qualification bodies ,exam institutions and education providers.

May2007 saw the launch of ITIL Version3 confirming ITIL place as the most credible frame-work for IT service management .

Importantly ITIL is now supported by an international standard namely ISO IEC 20000.

In next article i will start about ITIL concepts and models.

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